Friday 13th September – Tuesday 17th September

Looking back to when I lived in the UK, all our holidays were abroad (unless it was a ‘visiting family’ holiday), so when we moved to Australia I didn’t just want to stay in Adelaide. I visited Sydney earlier this year with my family and it was amazing! Very humid and busy but amazing, and still can’t believe it when we say we have seen Sydney Opera House and walked the Sydney Bridge. Visit to Sydney, check!

Melbourne was next on the list, but this time it was with the other half and I desperately wanted to do a road trip. So, it was decided (or I decided at least) that in September we would embark on a 9 and a half hour drive along the Princes Highway to Melbourne. The good thing about visiting other states is we can still pull off the whole tourist thing as we both still have our English accents (thankfully)! No one suspected a thing as we bounced between Melbourne Zoo, ScienceWorks, Sealife Aquarium and other tourist attractions, acting as if it were our first time to Australia.

But, the fun was put on hold as we drove through the City. Beware, ALL civilians thinking of driving through Melbourne City. It is a NIGHTMARE!

They have a road law where at some intersections, if you want to turn right, you move into the left hand lane and pull half-way into the intersection. When the light turns red, you turn right and carry on as if this is a normal thing to do. I have never known any road rule/law like this and, as far as I’m concerned, if you want to turn right at an intersection, you pull into the right hand lane, pull forward and wait until it is clear to turn, then turn!

It was a fantastic trip and I had a great time. Time to share it with you in pictures… here are some of the obligatory holiday snaps we collected during our trip.



A few other amusing things that happened to us. Sitting in our hotel room, tucked up in bed, both struck down by a terrible illness (a general cold) and in walks a member of hotel staff, knocking as they opened the door. Good job we were both fully clothed! The following day, we watched a couple take photos of cars in the car park of the hotel… as you do! Security put a sharp stop to that… interesting to watch, considering two different languages were being used.

One last thing- I think I fell in love… with a little coffee shop in Harbour Town called Le Cirque Fine Foods. The service was amazing and quick, everything was clean and tidy and it was just a quirky little coffee shop – something that I was hoping to find in Melbourne… and I did! You can check out their Facebook Page to see where they are.

If you have visited Melbourne, please share some of your pictures with me through on Instagram or Twitter.

K x