Following your dreams is sometimes harder than it sounds.

I’ve gone from being a Saturday girl at a hairdressers, to hospitality, to pharmacy assistant, back to hospitality, to admin/scheduler and back to hospitality for the millionth time. I was fed up of being in hospitality and needed to do something about it so I put myself through college and I’m now in a job I absolutely love to pieces (and no, I’m not just saying it!).

Another thing I love to do is read. My fiancĂ© says I am such a bookworm and he loves that about me. I’ve always wanted to write and share things with others. I wouldn’t be here without my fiancĂ© being by my side but without him, I wouldn’t have this blog. He has done so much to help me to get my dream into a reality and I cannot thank him enough.

No matter how small or large you dream is, it can happen. Sometimes it requires putting yourself out of your comfort zone and sometimes you’ll need other peoples help, as long as you are happy with the end result and that your dream is now a reality.

K x