“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step” – Lao Tzu

I’ve put together some tips for those of you who are either thinking about moving to Adelaide or are in the process of getting the visa.

The Process and Moving In is an emotional and financial struggle for anyone who makes a big move. You’ll be excited to finally be here (and I say finally because the process can take years) in beautiful Australia, but you’ll also be sad of the realisation that you have just moved half way across the world away from everything you have ever known; your childhood, your family, your friends, your life.

My family and I have the BBC’s Wanted Down Under to thank for being able to move to Adelaide. Without them, we’d still be in the UK.

Finding your feet. You’re here! You now need to find somewhere to live, you need to find jobs, fill out tax forms, work out public transport or get a car, blah blah blah and the list goes on. So, here are a few tips to make life easier.

  • Everything will fall into place, don’t worry and don’t give up. It will be hard, of course it will, but you just need to get past the first few hurdles and get settled into your new life and everything will be perfect
  • Get to know people who have made the move before, they know what it’s like and they will be able to help you. ‘Poms In Adelaide’ and ‘Poms In Oz’ are really good forums to chat to people who have already done the move
  • People in Adelaide are so much more relaxed! You don’t have to rush anything
  • Update your resume to fit the Australian criteria. The CV’s in the UK are different. If you’re planning to be in the same industry, get your qualifications transferred as it can take a few weeks/months and some businesses don’t recognise other countries qualifications. Be proactive in finding a job
  • Houses: Rent before you buy. You then get to see what suburbs suit you. Go to as many ‘open houses’ as possible. Get your name out to relators and chat to them, they really do help you find the best house for you
  • Set up bank accounts before you get here. It made our lives so much easier knowing we had bank accounts. We managed to make an appointment for the day we arrived to Adelaide so we could finalise everything quickly and receive our cards
  • Trams are free within the bounds of the CBD
  • If you’re from the UK, if you ask for ‘Squash’ in Cafés over here, they will give you a fizzy lemon drink. Juice is still Orange, Apple etc. If you want UK Squash, ask for cordial and water
  • Tipping is optional
  • You can haggle so much more over here and you can ask ‘what is the best price you can offer’. Others won’t think your weird for asking.

Places to Visit/Things to see. You have all the touristy places like Mount Lofty Summit, Cleland Conservation Park, Botanic Gardens, museums, Festival Centre and The Entertainment Centre. Quirky places are hidden away in Adelaide, speak to friends or work colleagues and go check them out. Here are some places I’ve found that don’t get talked about very often.

  • Carrick Hill House, Springfield
  • Strathalbyn
  • Normanville Beach
  • If you like spooky things, go the Adelaide Gaol for a night tour
  • ‘British India’, CBD
  • If you want good English grub, visit The Elephant, Rundle Street, CBD
  • If you want Belgium beer, visit The Belgium Beer Café, Rundle Street, CBD
  • If you want German Beer or German Meat, visit The Hahndorf Inn Hotel, Hahndorf
  • Do you fancy something a little classy? Visit the Apothecary on Hindley Street, CBD

What they don’t tell you is that Adelaide doesn’t advertise events very well. I don’t have Foxtel (known as Sky in the UK); maybe that’s the reason why I never hear about these events? A tip to you, go out and look for events happening in Adelaide. A very good site that I use on a regular occasion is www.weekendnotes.com/adelaide, or Twitter offers a good selection of South Australia event accounts that tell you about the little things going on, too. Check out Event Calendar Adelaide on Google, you’ll be able to see what’s happening in Adelaide for the whole year! Some of 2015 events:

  • World Tennis Challenge 13-15 January 2015, Adelaide
  • Sounds by the River 17 January 2015, Murray River
  • Santos Tour Down Under 17-25 January 2015, Adelaide and Regions
  • Adelaide Fringe 13 February-15 March 2015, Adelaide
  • Adelaide Festival 27 February-15 March 2015, Adelaide
  • Barossa Airshow April 2015, Barossa
  • McLaren Vale Sea and Vines 5-8 June 2015, Fleurieu Peninsula

If you’re reading this and would like more advice or tips on the big move, please feel free to email me at kirsty@kirstyhorn.com, tweet me or leave a comment below. It helps to have people who know what you’re going through.

K x