I attended the One Fine Day wedding fair in Adelaide today and I must say it was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever been through (other than my engagement of course).

With champagne on arrival and lovely, lovely hosts greeting each bride-to-be, bridal parties and the newly engaged couples with warm smiles and many “hellos”, I was truly in my element.

I’ve always enjoyed planning events, small events of course, and mainly for myself but this was right up my street. It just helped that I am newly engaged and am looking for inspiration, ideas and contacts. This was the perfect place for me to be on a bright Sunday morning.

My Mum tagged along, no that’s harsh I shouldn’t say that. I did buy her a ticket as I wanted to share this occasion with her and on the plus side, she is really organised so it will help me if I forget to order the flowers or worse, the venue.

I did get a little overwhelmed by the thought of trying on a gown so I left it for another day – when I have my bridal party with me! Hopefully it won’t look like a scene from Bridemaids.

My camera came in very handy and with the models about to step onto the runway, I took my seat and blinded them with a *flash* *flash* *flash*. You can find more photos on my Facebook Page.

If you haven’t already been to One Fine Day’s wedding fair – go!

Speak to you soon and enjoy the photos,

K x