Surround Yourself Only With People Who Are Going To Lift You Higher”

- Oprah Winfrey


I took Mum to Burnside Village for some lunch and window shopping. Located here is also the only Zara store in Adelaide! Another reason to go there. Having broken two pairs of sunglasses during the last few months, I decided to go for a pair made by Cancer Council. These sunglasses are made with polarising lenses, protecting against UVA and UVB radiation with a factor of 10 and are stylish with it. I also, couldn’t resist paying a visit to Zara and purchased a basic stripy navy/white t-shirt which was $15 and Zara perfume which was only $10.

Later that day we met some friends at The Governor Hindmarsh for a few drinks as Christian Andrew, a local musician, was performing his amazing music.


Cal and I got up early to head to the open day at Z Ward, Glenside which has been closed since 13th December 1973. Today was the first public opening to the mental health institution, where we got to examine the cells and unbroken ha-ha wall. It was basic but amazing to see the living conditions of the criminally insane.

zward pictures

We then went to South Parklands, Adelaide to do some photography for Novita Children’s Service which was holding the ‘Convoy for Kids’ event.

At Moana Beach, Adelaide and we got some great footage with the GoPro of the incredible sunset. A day full of photography but it wasn’t over yet. At 10pm, we climbed a very steep hill in Mount Osmond to capture the AMAZING view of Adelaide at night time. This picture doesn’t do it much justice but it was the best I had.


I hope you all had a lovely, fun packed weekend too! Let me know what you got up to via Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest using @itskirstyhorn.

K x